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We repair, maintenance, relocate all fitness equipment and sell refurbished and used commercial grade fitness equipment.

ATF - Atlanta Treadmil & Fitness Repair

  We are here for your Fitness Equipment Needs!  


Atlanta Treadmill & Fitness Repair uses qualified Fitness Equipment Technicians with years of experience.  The same technicians also handle repairs, therefore, they have hands on knowledge of how tight a bolt should be, for example, or how every machine should sound and work when functioning properly.  This ensures your equipment will be assembled to manufacturer specification.   

Some of the equipment we assemble:

Treadmills, Ellipticals, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, steppers, Selectorized Equipment, Work Out Cages,Weight Stack Machines,  Spin Bikes, Stepmills, Steppers, Multi-Gyms, massage chairs, and others.