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We repair, maintenance, relocate all fitness equipment and sell refurbished and used commercial grade fitness equipment.

ATF - Atlanta Treadmil & Fitness Repair

  We are here for your Fitness Equipment Needs!  

About our Fitness Equipment Repair Technicians

Fitness Equipment Repair Technician and Owner

ATF - Atlanta Treadmill & Fitness Repair was started with the idea of servicing and maintaining fitness equipment for our customers for a reasonable price.  

Chris started his career working on fitness equipment for Treadmill Doctor in the Atlanta area.   When Treadmill Doctor closed their doors in the Atlanta market for repairs, Chris decided to keep his relationships going with the customers he had come to know.

 Chris started ATF in 2010, traveling to different manufacturers throughout the years, and since has been certified through many manufacturers. Not only has he kept up with the knowledge and changes ongoing with Fitness Equipment, he has gained the training and experience to repair and service all massage chairs, wheel chairs and scooters. 

With our customer base expanding, Chris has taken on other contractors where he has trained and maintained constant technical support for these technicians.  He selects the technicians that he feels has the technicial background as well as the understanding that they are representing a company who believes in honesty and integrity.  He is always available to our customers if the need arises and chooses the best of the best technicians in the fitness equipment repair industry.